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  "The Greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way that its animals are treated" -GANDHI-  

Faire's Mission

Thousands of cats and dogs will arrive at our local animal shelters this year. Some will be lost, with no way to identify their owners. Others will have been "dumped" by desperate or uncaring people. Many will be the result of unplanned litters. Homes will be found for only a small percentage of these animals.
As disturbing as this situation is, the greater tragedy is that much of it can be avoided if pet owners would just take three simple steps:
First, pets should be spayed or neutered. This not only helps your pet live a longer, happier life, but it also reduces the countless number of animals competing for homes in our community each year.
Second, pets should be micro-chipped and/or wear an I.D. tag. Without identification, there is no easy way to locate the owner when a stray pet is found. And lastly, adopt your next pet from one of our local animal shelters!

FAIRE's overall mission is to provide programs to help the pets and pet owners in our community. Our goal with these programs is to encourage responsible pet ownership along with increasing adoptions and reducing the need for euthanasia at our six local animal shelters.


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